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The Meezzaa Seller World is the place you need to be on if you're looking to scale your online business with Very Minimal Investment. This unique and technologically advanced Seller platform from Meezzaa is guaranteed to give you the best cataloging and selling experience that is possible on the Internet today.

Best Cataloging Technology with a ‘No-Errors' Guarantee
Rapid Business Growth with Free On-site Promotions
Lowest Commission Slabs and Competitive Margins
Free Shipping and Collection for a wide variety of Categories
Exclusive Account Manager Assistance and Seller Trainings
Assured Payment Cycle of 14 Days

Anyone can sell on Meezzaa. As long as you have a valid Trade license, VAT certificate and a registered Bank Account, you can open your store with us and get selling immediately! And because we offer warehousing and free delivery and collection services, you don’t even need to worry about storage or transportation.

Local Shop Owners
Small Businesses
Big Brands

Once you have decided to register yourself as a Seller on Meezzaa, just click on the Register as a Seller button below ad start uploading your details. For any queries or assistance, you can always reach our Seller Support Desk who will guide you through the entire process.

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The Meezzaa Seller World

At Meezzaa we have taken a holistic approach towards creating this unique Seller World that offers all our vendor partners the best online selling experience. Stating from our customized Error-proof Cataloging system and detailed instructions on the Registration Processes, to Industry-specific Seller Trainings, we have thought of pretty much everything that you, our sellers, might need to launch your Meezzaa store.

Not only will you be assigned to an exclusive account manager who will guide you through the best pricing policies, seasonal offers and promotions and quality check procedures, you will also get to benefit from our extensive research resources on how to improve your online business strategies.

Make the most of our free shipping and collection services and warehousing facilities to set and attain higher sales goals with very minimal investment. Find out more about our logistics and warehousing team and services here.

At Meezzaa, we grow together!